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UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!

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UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!

*Note this is a few days old newsletter, we are just tying to recruit guilds into playing the guild!!*

UO Shadow Age : Reborn is finally almost here! Check out the details!
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Join Us On A New Journey!
UO Shadow Age : Reborn Is Almost Here!
UO Shadow Age is releasing its new core today, a bit earlier than we planned. We're going to be releasing the new core to make sure that everything is running smoothly before we bring all the new content in on Sunday at 12PM Central (GMT-6).

If you haven't checked us out for a while, we have made tons of improvements and bug fixes, as well as plenty of new content into the game, along with future content availability! We also fully redid alot of deco in game, and have a brand new website!

Along with the added content, we have drastically improved a lot of the core as well, including rewriting how movement is handled, anti-speedhack protection, and a bunch of other timing and latency prevention edits.

Check below for some of the new content coming to UO Shadow Age : Reborn!

Tackle a multi-phased boss fight with everyone on the server! Every Saturday at 12PM, we will be spawning "The Abyss Devourer". Get a chance to obtain new artifacts and other great prizes!

Start donating to the museum of Vesper! They are taking all kinds of items and gold in exchange for points toward the museum! The Vesper Museum Collection will have to get to certain levels to have it fill up. The more levels it has, the more will show in the museum, and the better the rewards possible!

Transmogrification is finally making its way into the game! Roleplayers rejoice! For those players that don't like the look of certain artifacts, or want to be fully "Savaged" out, now you can!

Explore the dungeons to slay the new 9 rare spawning named monsters. Each one drops special loot and has a chance to drop very special items, like Transmogrification Items!
Each rare monster has its own set of unique abilities or talents, and they are much more powerful than the average monster!

Spell casting speeds have been perfected! We have made much improvements to the casting system to make it as similar as it was during AOS. All bugs have been thoroughly tested and fixed!

Much improvements have been made to our enhanced guild system. Guilds joining factions will no longer autojoin all members into factions. Now, guild members can choose whether they want to be factions or not and still stay in the guild. Any homeland will also now be able to join the guild, as long as its not different factions!
Still Not Convinced?
Check Out Other Things We've Changed!

Kings will now be able to use "I Am King" to turn their "look" into that of a true King!
PDO Domination capture messages have been made much clearer and much more precise!
Added Guild name change deeds (changes name and abbreviation).
Added a box in the guild menu to toggle on/off the guild treasury messages.
Added Salvage Bags To BOD Rewards.
Pets will now have the same notoriety as their owners (murderers will have red pets).
Further increased the efficiency of tamers to control their pets.
Pet speed loss will no longer apply to dead pets.
If a player logs in/out, their pets will automatically stable and rejoin them after they log back on.
Set Items have been added to the game, including 2-8 piece sets that will add customization!
Use our Refer-A-Friend system to get your friends playing and earn cool prizes!
Many in game quests are now available to complete, and many more have been fixed!
Many artifact changes to balance the stability of the economy, as well as buff under-powered artys.
Necromancy Spell changes including SDI PvP caps, and inclusion into the faster cast system.
Spell Ranges have all been modified to 10 tiles away instead of 12.
Enhanced Client is now supported. Players will be able to log in using the Enhanced Client.
New Foundation and Sign Post styles can be modified in the housing menu.
Faction can rez their faction mounts using bandages as long as they have the required skill.
Loot tables have been drastically improved and fixed, and players should now see diversity in loot.
Action Camera has been added and will be used to advertise the server on Twitch
Delay added to Explosion Potions and many other fixes with how explosion potions are handled.


We will be launching all the core changes today, and officially launching all the new monsters, and items on Sunday!

We will also be starting all of our mass advertising efforts to bring the glory days back into this server when we had 200+ players. This time, we'll be shattering that play count.

Join us on Sunday and the days following for some great events, giveaways, auctions, and the first chance look at the PvM boss!

Haven't played UO Shadow Age before
or haven't played in a while?

Play For Free Now!
Login With Razor Or Steam Using:

play.uoshadowage.com : 2593

Visit us at www.uoshadowage.com



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Re: UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!

Anyone here still playing this shard? I've read good things about it but I'd like to have a big player base too.


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Re: UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!

Steinman wrote:Anyone here still using playing this shard? I've read it p but I'd like to have a big phenq GNC layer base too.

Yes, I'm playing it for a long time and love this game. Start the game and you'll love it too.
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Re: UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!



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Re: UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!



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Re: UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!



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Re: UO Shadow Age Freeshard Invites Avatars Of Virtue To Play!

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