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Applicant Requirements

The requirements for joining AV are easy:

  1. A high level of maturity
  2. A good sense of humor
  3. Willing to follow our only rule: "Have fun, respect others"
Nothing else is required. We are always looking for new friends.

Member Benefits

There are many benefits of joining AV, including:

  • Many free guild resources, such as repair contracts, potions, etc.
  • Free vendor rental at the guild vendor house in Luna.
  • Access to the guild armory, which contains many high end runic-made items and artifacts
  • Access to guild stockpile of power scrolls
  • Friends which you can do group hunts with such, as peerless and the doom guantlet
  • People who have trained nearly every skill and played nearly every character template from which to ask questions.
  • Good friends and fun times.


To join, register on the forum and tell us a little about yourself on the Prospective Guild Members board. 

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